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Balance with Tracy

My name is Tracy Risch I have been teaching Tai Chi for seniors since 2021. I was trained by Suman through the Omaha Tai Chi for Balance for Seniors in 2019. I am also a licensed Physical Therapy Assistant since 2013, being a therapist led me to balance practices such as Tai Chi and OTAGO. The Otago Exercise Program is an evidence based program that is used in therapy to improve balance and help prevent falls in the aging adult. Both programs have high efficacy ratings proven for strengthen and balance. I also have over 20 years of dance experience in Middle Eastern Dance, I started at age 28 and it just proved to me you can learn at any age and exercise doesn't have to be at a typical gym. 

I combine Tai Chi and Otago in my teaching to help strengthen essential muscles for maintaining healthy bones used for walking and being independent in your daily life, you may even get to put a little dance in your step. 

Peace, Love and Respect for everyone.

Pictured Right is Tracy and Suman blending Tai Chi with dance!

2019 TCBNTT Suman and Tracy 2.jpg

Tai Chi for Seniors

Tai Chi for Seniors is great for the aging adult, males and females welcomed.

Tai chi is a gentle form of exercise that originated in China as a martial art. Some people call this low impact slow motion exercise meditation in motion. Studies have found that Tai Chi can increase flexibility, strength, improve balance and lower blood pressure. 

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