Love Your Curves 6 week Belly dance Course:

  • 6 Week x 1 hour weekly classes

  • FB private group

  • All in a fun, safe, nurturing community

  • Fun introducation to Belly Dance

  • There is beauty and wonder inside every women.

  • Learn to love your curves with ancient movements that celebrates you exactly as you are.

  • Breath joy into your day. 

  • Release from your day with old ways to find new beginnings.

  • Increase your energy with laughter and giggles.

  • Learn culture and forget you are in Omaha.

  • Walk in a room and own it with they way your carry yourself.

  • Look forward to Mondays and start the week off with a fun step!

  • Find your wild side with giggles and shimmies that last a lifetime.

$55.00 for 6 weeks Pay with Paypal.


These classes have provided a getaway from my daily grind. A friendly community of women get together and bond while getting an excellent workout. I have definition in my upper abs for the first time in my life! Tracy is an excellent teacher. She knows how to break down each movement in many ways. She encourages us to learn to improv to the music so we learn early on to make our dances our own. -

Deb Cates

I have thought about taking a belly dancing class for years and finally did! I am so glad I signed up for Tracy’s class. She made me feel so comfortable even though I was really out side my comfort zone. I feel I progressed each week and I am signing up for another 6 weeks. This is great exercise and an hour I look forward to each week. -

Shelly Spencer

No better way to have fun, exercise the brain and body. Tracy is a sexy and accomplished dancer and a fantastic and fun instructor for those of us of all shapes, sizes and ages. I am 67 and have never had so much fun! -

Joan Allen

I decided to take lessons with Tracy as I love the way she expressed herself through her joyful dance.
Her classes are always Welcoming & Tracy's instruction is informative, allowing for dancer's differences & abilities.
Dancer's questions are answered, movements explained & weekly movement "drills" are like fun mini group dances!
I feel her classes have enhanced my own belly dancing, by enabling me to understand each isolated movement in more detail.
The camaraderie in her Class is something I look forward to each week!

Susan Fort

Tracy, Thank you for teaching us this ancient art, while sharing your knowledge of the history of belly dancing as well.  You model respect to each and every student, and you make it fun!   Your warm and welcoming personality makes for a more comfortable environment for shy students.   This class has really helped me figure out where my body needs more attention, and where it needs work getting unstuck. -  Anonymous

Tracy is consistently good natured and patient. She explains the movements very well. I have had others and she is my favorite. She also very attentive to all the people attending her class. - 

Mary Ellen

Tracy is a great teacher, I have learned so much about my body and how it works. She makes you work and makes it fun.