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Questions & Answers

What is belly dance?

Belly Dance has its roots as a folkdance from the Middle East and it is practiced all over the world as an art form, a form of exercise and expressive meditation as it has been my self care since 2002.

What do I wear to class?
Wear something you feel comfortable in for movement. Dance shoes, slippers/sandals with a heel support or socks are acceptable. Tennis shoes do not allow for dance movement as they tend to stick to the floor.

Do I need a hip scarf?
No you do not need a hip scarf. They are to help you see the movement better and make noise. Bring one if you have one. They do not have to have coins.  I do have hip scarves for you to borrow but I highly recommend you buying your own. I sometimes have hip scarves to sell. 

Should I eat before class?

Eat after class or a have protein shake. On days I have class I usually snack around 2pm. 

All movement creates movement in the body forcing the body to do it's thing. Belly rolls on a full stomach can be more difficult and uncomfortable.  There are bathrooms near by.

Is there a recital? 

I have hosted class haflas (party) on occasion. It usually depends who is all interested and who wants to perform or just have opening dancing to celebrate life. My class haflas are for my students who are interested in performing but don't want to perform in public. Sometimes there are community haflas to attend that invites the public. No one has to perform, some dancers are there for their own reasons. You are always welcomed as a guest in the audience.   


What do you take for payment?

You have the option to pay online using PayPal when you Book Now or select pay in person and use Venmo My username is @Tracy-Risch-2, or pay with check or cash. NO Credit Cards at this time.

Can I drop in for one class?

If there is room available yes you can. Drop in price is $15.  No drop in allowed on Wednesday night classes. Students that sign up for 6 week session get priority. 

Do you perform for birthday parties?

YES!!!  I perform for birthdays, senior gatherings, weddings, bachelorette parties, retirement, graduation parties and anything you want to celebrate!  Celebrate with dancing!

Do you do one time group instruction?

Yes. If you are looking for a group instruction for belly dance.  I also provide group instruction for Tai Chi. Contact me for further information.

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