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NO 2020 Classes Until Further Notice

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Peace, Love, and Respect for Everyone

UPDATE 09/28/2020:

Benson Community might be opening in October. 

Montclair is limiting space I don't think I will be able to go back.

Benson Community Center

6008 Maple Street

Omaha, NE


Session I  January 6th - February 10th

Session II  June1 - July 6th
Session III  Sept 14 - Oct 19
Session IV  Nov 2- Dec 7th

Holiday Hafla Dec. TBA

Monday 6pm - 7pm

6 weeks 1 hour /$55.00 Beginners

March 2- March 23* Special Session
Mondays 715-815pm 

4 Weeks 1 hour. $40

Continuing Beginners Level

Pay in class only

Beginners is just that no previous dance experience required. I break down the moves week by week, adding new moves and review as go week by week. Cultural music is highly used my classes. Please register for the class ahead of time to save a spot.

 Pay on line to save a spot for Monday 6pm 6 weeks 55.00

Beyond Beginners:

Session I Jan 6 -Feb 10

Session II  June 1 - July 6th

Session III  Sept 14 - Oct 19

Session IV  Nov 2- Dec 7th


Monday 715pm - 815pm

6 weeks 1 hour /$55.00 Beyond

Beyond Beginners are for those that have taken the beginners course with me 3-4 times, or have understanding of the basics with other teachers. Please contact me if you are interested.

Please register for the class ahead of time to save a spot.  If you are registering for both classes Please let me know I will discount the 2nd class send you an invoice.

Pay with the Buy Now Button below.

 Pay on line to save a spot for Monday 715pm.

Montclair Community Center

2304 S 135th Ave
Omaha, NE 

Beginner Level

Session I February 6 - March 12 2020

Session II May 7 - June 11
Session III July 9-Aug 13

Session IV Sept 10 - Oct 15

Session V Nov 5 - Dec 10

Holiday Hafla TBA

Thursday 630pm -730pm 

6 weeks 1 hour /$55.00

Please register for the class ahead of time to save a spot SPACE is LIMITED.

Pay with the Buy Now Button below.

 Pay on line to save a spot for Thursday 6:30pm

Have fun, find your beauty while learning to belly dance. Belly dance is an excellent form of exercise that is gentle on the joints. Learn movement that speaks to your soul and ignites a fire for passion and creativity. Class is for all ages and body types, so ladies bring your mom, daughters, sisters, aunts and grandmothers. 
Please wear comfortable clothes, Gym shoes are not advised as they stick to the floor. Good footwear are slippers, sandals or even socks are acceptable. 

Please arrive as early if it is your first time to fill out paperwork! Cash or check payment accepted in person.

Send me your email to be added to my Email list for class information or public shows!!


Find your passion, move your soul  and be free.

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Ladies Only Parties:


Contact me if you are looking for a ladies day or night in party

I'll show you how to hip lift, drop and shimmy.  No dance experience necessary. This is a fun day or night out with the ladies moving to some fun music.  I bring hip scarves, the moves and the music, you pick your friends and the place. This is great for women of all ages.


Joan Allen

No better way to have fun, exercise the brain and body. Tracy is a sexy and accomplished dancer and a fantastic and fun instructor for those of us of all shapes, sizes and ages. I am 67 and have never had so much fun!


Tracy, Thank you for teaching us this ancient art, while sharing your knowledge of the history of belly dancing as well.  You model respect to each and every student, and you make it fun!   Your warm and welcoming personality makes for a more comfortable environment for shy students.   This class has really helped me figure out where my body needs more attention, and where it needs work getting unstuck.


These classes have provided a getaway from my daily grind. A friendly community of women get together and bond while getting an excellent workout. I have definition in my upper abs for the first time in my life! Tracy is an excellent teacher. She knows how to break down each movement in many ways. She encourages us to learn to improv to the music so we learn early on to make our dances our own.

Shelly Spencer

I have thought about taking a belly dancing class for years and finally did! I am so glad I signed up for Tracy’s class. She made me feel so comfortable even though I was really out side my comfort zone. I feel I progressed each week and I am signing up for another 6 weeks. This is great exercise and an hour I look forward to each week.

Susan Fort

I decided to take lessons with Tracy as I love the way she expressed herself through her joyful dance. Her classes are always Welcoming & Tracy's instruction is informative, allowing for dancer's differences & abilities.Dancer's questions are answered, movements explained & weekly movement "drills" are like fun mini group dances!
I feel her classes have enhanced my own belly dancing, by enabling me to understand each isolated movement in more detail.
The camaraderie in her Class is something I look forward to each week!

Taking the belly dance classes with Tracy Risch has definitely been fun and informative - I have learned much about belly dance itself that I otherwise had no idea about! It also helps get me out of the house and moving - I had been interested in learning belly dance for a few years but didn't sign up for any classes til this year - I think I'm in my third session now. Even though it is still the beginner class I do feel like I'm still learning something every time I go.
    Tracy is great as a teacher because she explains all the movements in a way that the class can relate to - she makes the lessons fun and definitely not seem like a chore the way some exercise programs might. I would recommend taking her class if anyone is interested in learning belly dance!


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