Movement for the Soul. 
Wellness for life.


The joyful benefits of belly dance:

  • A fun introduction to belly dance

  • Feel joy again, especially if you are overworked & fatigued

  • Increase your energy

  • Increase your self- awareness

  • Improve posture

  • Improve coordination

  • Improve body image

  • Body love

  • Safe and nurturing environment

  • Classes are great for bonding with your mothers, daughters, sisters, aunts and friends.


Montclair Community Center

2304 S. 135th Ave

Florence Community Center

2920 Bondesson St

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Saturday July 16th, 2022 at the Detox

First week of August 2022 UNO Fringe Fest

2022: Dates subject change due to winter weather. 

Monday 6pm and 715pm

at Montclair Community Center
Session 1: January 3rd – February 7th

Session 2: February 28th - April 4th

Session 3: April 18th - May 23rd

Session 4: June 6th-July 18

                 No class July 4th

     Beyond Beginners - 6pm – 7pm
     Beginners - 715pm-815pm

Wednesday 630pm and 745pm
at Montclair Community Center

Session 1: January 5th – February 9th

Session 2: March 2 - April 6

Session 3: April 20th - May 25th

Session 4: June 8th - July 13th

     A-Z Continuing Beginners - 630pm-730pm

     Beginners - 745pm - 845pm <New Class

Thursday 1:30pm -230pm

at Florence Community Center

Spring Session: April 21st - May 26th

Summer Session: June 9th - July 14th

     Beginners - 130pm - 230pm

​Saturday 11am -12pm 

at Montclair Community Center

Session 1: January 8th – February 12th
Session 2: March 5th - April 9

Session 3: April 23th - May 28th

Session 4: June 11th - July 16th

    All Levels – 11am-12pm

What to wear: Something you feel comfortable in for movement. Dance shoes, slippers with a heel support or socks are acceptable. Tennis shoes do not allow for dance movement as they tend to stick to the floor.

Dinner before class?  Eat light and have dinner after class.  Bring Water!  

Beginners classes start with kindness and focus on basic belly dance movements, posture, coordination and music for new and continuing beginners. Drills and small combinations are introduced. No choreography is taught. Everyone moves at their own pace. No dance experience needed. This class builds on the previous week movement and reviewed each week.  Beginners Classes Available: Monday 715pm, Wednesday 745pm and Thursday 130pm

Continuing Beginners Good for all Levels

This class will be using the fundamentals of A-Z Original Belly Dance, using elements and somatic awareness to enrich your movement vocabulary.  Combinations and are a great way to put movements together with traveling steps and work on transitions.   It's not required to take beginners before taking this class but it helps. Available only on Wednesday 630pm class at this time.

Beyond Beginners  - 

 Summer sessions Transitions, Travel, Timing and Technique. We have been working on a choreography with accents, transitions and timing changes, using Elements, Somatic Awareness and A-Z formatting.  Focus for spring 2022 movements that flow, elements of air and water. Bring a veil.

Beyond Beginners Available Monday 6pm class.  

All Level Saturday 

11am Saturday Montclair

Beginner friendly. Posture awareness, Somatic Awareness. Movements are drilled for understanding, coordination and feeling into the body to increase self awareness and then combined to make combinations.  This class plays follow the bouncing hips after completing drills.  That is how the dance was originally taught versus the western style of counting. 

6 weeks /1 hour /$60.00

I am keeping my classes small to be able to maintain 6 feet distance. Please sign up early.

You have the option to pay online using PayPal when you Book Now or select pay in person and use Venmo or pay with check or cash.  

Any questions reach out to me with email or phone


402-981-4328 Call or text


Peace Love and Respect for Everyone

COVID Guidance:

Mask are optional

Azale is fully vaccinated 3x

Please respect personal space for social distancing 6ft or more. 

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Ancient movement medicine to release your soul…       

         give expression to it… 

Are you brunt out and just tired of the same old day to day?

Feel a alive again and take time for yourself.  Do you want to increase your energy and not have to go to the gym? Do you want to connect with others that are like minded and just feel good about yourself? 

This is a dance that makes me laugh and giggle like a little kid again. 

Get unstuck and feel whole again.

Exercise is medicine for the body, expression in movement is medicine for the soul. Listen from within and express your soul through dance.  Discover belly dance and why it has lasted since ancient times.

Social Distancing and Mask guidelines are followed for everyone’s safety.

Space is limited please sign up early. 

Why do we need to take time for ourselves?

We work hard for others and put other needs before our own, decreasing our own self-worth.

We empty our own cups to replenish others.

We quiet that voice within and listen to the needs of others forgetting that we have needs too.

We feel guilty if we put ourselves first and selfish if we do, judging ourselves harshly. We are programmed this way through society.

Helping others is noble and worthy, it also drains our energy, burns us out and often goes unnoticed.

We need to replenish our own energy, be grateful for our gifts and focus on our own needs to decrease burnout so we can help others in a more gratifying way for ourselves. There are times we need to be the ones that say to ourselves, I am beautiful, I am smart, I am needed, I am loved, and I am enough. We need to say it to ourselves and feel it before we can believe it.

This dance has allowed me to focus on myself and connect my mind with my heart, body, and spirit. I felt pleasure from within. The dance has allowed me to listen to my own needs so I can express my soul from within, without judgement and without guilt.

The dance has increased my self-awareness, with finding my strengths and weaknesses thus increasing my self-acceptance and living in kindness to myself.

Therefore, I take time for me; belly dance has been my me time, increasing my sense of wellness and self-esteem and creating a positive feeling of self-expression, my medicine to focus on me, connecting movement with the music in time and space.

We are all important and we all deserve to treat ourselves and to connect with in.

Buy the gift of dance. Gift certificates available for $60.00  

Good for one - 6 week session. 

Cancellation Policy:

There are no make up classes, student are responsible for their schedule. If classes are canceled due to weather and the building closes, class will be made up at the end of the session at the same time and day. If you are not happy after the first class you have 48 hours to contact me for a refund for the remaining of the classes.

Ladies Only Parties:


Contact me if you are looking for a ladies day or night in party.  Great for corporate women, bridal showers and birthdays.

What's your celebration?

I'll show you how to hip lift, drop and shimmy.  No dance experience necessary.

This is a fun day or night out with the ladies moving to some fun music. 

I bring hip scarves, the moves and the music, you pick your friends and the place.

This is great for women of all ages.

Email: omahabellydance @gmail.com

Fringe Fest 2021 Thank you for your support!


Joan Allen

No better way to have fun, exercise the brain and body. Tracy is a sexy and accomplished dancer and a fantastic and fun instructor for those of us of all shapes, sizes and ages. I am 67 and have never had so much fun!


These classes have provided a getaway from my daily grind. A friendly community of women get together and bond while getting an excellent workout. I have definition in my upper abs for the first time in my life! Tracy is an excellent teacher. She knows how to break down each movement in many ways. She encourages us to learn to improv to the music so we learn early on to make our dances our own.

Susan Fort

I decided to take lessons with Tracy as I love the way she expressed herself through her joyful dance. Her classes are always Welcoming & Tracy's instruction is informative, allowing for dancer's differences & abilities. Dancer's questions are answered, movements explained & weekly movement "drills" are like fun mini group dances!
I feel her classes have enhanced my own belly dancing, by enabling me to understand each isolated movement in more detail.
The camaraderie in her Class is something I look forward to each week!


Taking the belly dance classes with Tracy Risch has definitely been fun and informative - I have learned much about belly dance itself that I otherwise had no idea about! It also helps get me out of the house and moving - I had been interested in learning belly dance for a few years but didn't sign up for any classes til this year - I think I'm in my third session now. Even though it is still the beginner class I do feel like I'm still learning something every time I go.
    Tracy is great as a teacher because she explains all the movements in a way that the class can relate to - she makes the lessons fun and definitely not seem like a chore the way some exercise programs might. I would recommend taking her class if anyone is interested in learning belly dance!

Shelly Spencer

I have thought about taking a belly dancing class for years and finally did! I am so glad I signed up for Tracy’s class. She made me feel so comfortable even though I was really out side my comfort zone. I feel I progressed each week and I am signing up for another 6 weeks. This is great exercise and an hour I look forward to each week.


Tracy, Thank you for teaching us this ancient art, while sharing your knowledge of the history of belly dancing as well.  You model respect to each and every student, and you make it fun!   Your warm and welcoming personality makes for a more comfortable environment for shy students.   This class has really helped me figure out where my body needs more attention, and where it needs work getting unstuck.

Chris Logeman - Feb. 2020

I really enjoyed this class! I looked forward to coming to class! Such a nonjudgmental environment. Can't wait for the next session. 

Amira Rojas - Feb. 2020

I had an amazing time. It was fun and informative. Not only did we learn dance moves but about middle eastern/Egyptian culture. Can't wait to bust my moves out on the dance floor or maybe even at work!

Class has made be feel more confident and sensual! Can't wait till next class!