“We dance round in a ring and suppose,
But the secret sits in the middle and knows.”

Robert Frost

Coming fall of 2021

Two locations!

Multiple days!

Benson Community Center
6008 Maple Street Omaha, NE


Montclair Community Center

2304 S. 135th Ave

Beginner Level

715pm Mondays - Benson

630pm Wednesday - Montclair


Future Schedules

August 9 - Sept 20th no class Labor Day

October 11 - November 15th


August 11 - Sept 15th 

October 13th - November 17th


August 14th - Sept 18th

October 16th- Nov 20th

Beginners classes focus on basic belly dance movement and music for new and continuing beginners. No dance experience needed. 

Mixed Level
6pm Mondays - Benson


In mix level we take what we learned in beginners and mix it up with layers, drills and combos. 

We may create choreography and play with veils, zils and other fun props. This is a great workout and a great way to get away from the day to focus on yourself. It is recommend you have taken beginners before signing up for mixed level.

All Level Saturday

11am Saturday Montclair

This class will be for anyone who wants to explore belly dance and get a work out. Basic movements and core workout.

It's Saturday and giggles will be a delight. 

6 weeks /1 hour /$60.00

Please see the schedule below for class dates. 



Are you brunt out and just tired of the same old day to day?

Feel a alive again and take time for yourself.  Do you want to increase your energy and not have to go to the gym? Do you want to connect with others that are like minded and just feel good about yourself? 

This is a dance that makes me laugh and giggle like a little kid again. 

Get unstuck and feel whole again.

The joyful benefits of belly dance:

  • A fun introduction to belly dance

  • Feel joy again, especially if you are overworked & fatigued

  • Increase your energy

  • Increase your self- awareness

  • Improve posture

  • Improve coordination

  • Improve body image

  • Body love

  • Safe and nurturing environment

  • Classes are great for bonding with your mothers, daughters, aunts and friends. 

    Social Distancing and Mask guidelines are followed for everyone’s safety.

Exercise is medicine for the body, expression in movement is medicine for the soul. Listen from within and express your soul through dance.  Discover belly dance and why it has lasted since ancient times.

Space is limited please sign up early. 

Ancient movement medicine to release your soul…       

         give expression to it… 

Why do we need to take time for ourselves?

We work hard for others and put other needs before our own, decreasing our own self-worth.

We empty our own cups to replenish others.

We quiet that voice within and listen to the needs of others forgetting that we have needs too.

We feel guilty if we put ourselves first and selfish if we do, judging ourselves harshly. We are programmed this way through society.

Helping others is noble and worthy, it also drains our energy, burns us out and often goes unnoticed.

We need to replenish our own energy, be grateful for our gifts and focus on our own needs to decrease burnout so we can help others in a more gratifying way for ourselves. There are times we need to be the ones that say to ourselves, I am beautiful, I am smart, I am needed, I am loved, and I am enough. We need to say it to ourselves and feel it before we can believe it.

This dance has allowed me to focus on myself and connect my mind with my heart, body, and spirit. I felt pleasure from within. The dance has allowed me to listen to my own needs so I can express my soul from within, without judgement and without guilt.

The dance has increased my self-awareness, with finding my strengths and weaknesses thus increasing my self-acceptance and living in kindness to myself.

Therefore, I take time for me; belly dance has been my me time, increasing my sense of wellness and self-esteem and creating a positive feeling of self-expression, my medicine to focus on me, connecting movement with the music in time and space.

We are all important and we all deserve to treat ourselves and to connect with in.